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Book Wrap Mailer Postal Boxes


Product Type: Lightweight TENVOWRAP BRANDED Cardboard Brown Colour Book Wrap Postal Mailer Boxes - All With Peel & Seal Strips, and easy to tear 'Rippa strips' for when the customer receives the package.

Description: Book wrap boxes are ideal for sending items in the post and maintaining sturdy protection while keeping the package as small and lightweight as possible. These style of postal wraps are widely used by Amazon and other large on-line retailers. These Tenvowrap branded postal wraps are 100% recyclable, and made from 100% recycled material, hence represent an environmentally friendly solution.

C1 Size - 216x151x(0-51mm) - Depth adjustable between 0-51mm 

C2 Size - 251x163x(0-70mm) - Depth adjustable between 0-70mm

C3 Size - 280x205x(0-70mm) - Depth adjustable between 0-70mm

C4 Size - 312x250x(0-74mm) - Depth adjustable between 0-74mm

C5 Size - 406x302x(0-70mm) - Depth adjustable between 0-70mm