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Brown Postal Boxes - Royal Mail Sized

Box Size (mm)

Cardboard corrugated boxes in single wall. Quality stock cardboard boxes . Stock cardboard boxes supplied direct flat packed ready for you to make up by taping the bottom and top flaps. Different sizes and quantities available.??Finished with a kraft outer.? Each box is made from 100% pure wood pulp (cellulose sulphite fibres). The untreated Kraft comes as brown with shade variation. The fluting paper is recycled plus chemicals and starch treated to produce a strong sheet.


Brown Postal Boxes

in various quantities/pack sizes. These have been specifically manufactured to meet the maximum external DEEP size allowed by Royal Mail under their 'small parcel' guidelines, enforced on 1 April 2013. Perfect for fitting anything that can be sent as a small parcel, providing an all round box for all these items, ensuring that you keep postage costs down.

These top quality and presentable boxes are manufactured in standard 0201 single wall box style as pictured. The dimensions are as follows:

Max Deep RM Small Parcel 349x249x159


Maximum RM Small Parcel 450x350x160

Royal Mail made changes, They used to have two maximum parcel sizes for items qualifying as 'small parcels', both of which we stock and are available on this site. They have now merged these sizes to create a new 'overall' size, as of October 2014. We stock the new maximum size as well. The cost of sending 'small parcels' in their network is significantly cheaper than sending 'standard parcels'.

The styles of box we offer in our range have a huge variety of uses but have proved the box of choice for ecommerce, mailing and fulfilment companies. These postal boxes are ideal for clothing, gift, cosmetic, ornamental, and promotional products. See our similar range of White Postal Boxes.