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Cupcake / Muffin Box


Our cake boxes are made from the most premium cardboard to help secure and transport your creations. All of our cake boxes are made to our high standards that we set. We have several different types of cake boxes, depending on the application and use.

Standard Cake Boxes

Our standard cake boxes are designed to fit cakes of different sizes. We sell 6", 8”, 10”, 12" and 14” cake boxes with lids which are ideal for the large cake creations. The easily to assemble cake boxes can be made in a matter of seconds, providing the ideal scenario to transfer your birthday, wedding or any other type of cake.

Cupcake Boxes

We offer a large range of easy to assemble cupcake boxes. With a range of different sizes, our cupcake boxes are strong, sturdy and well built to help transport cupcakes and other creations. The ease of assembly in just seconds makes these boxes the ideal way to store small cakes such as cupcakes. With the three different sizes on offer, we cater for many different types of cakes.

Windowed Cupcake Boxes

We sell a range of cupcake boxes with a clear, see through window. The windowed cake boxes allow the cakes to be seen easily and securely, making it ideal for exhibitions, crafts or any other way needed to show off the creation.