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WARNING Tape (Fragile, Caution, Handle with Care, This Way Up)

Pack Size


    • High quality printed tapes to inform handlers of package contents

    • Easy to read warning messages to highlight FRAGILE, This Way UP, CAUTION, Handle With Care or Glass Handle With Care

    • All tapes are 'low-noise' - ideal for busy warehouses

    • Printed in RED TEXT on white polypropylene

  • 66 metre long rolls, 48mm wide (2 inches)

Have you had an item in Transit in the past where you have just used domestic or budget tape, and then found that your item has been damaged in transit? With our Fragile Tape, Clearly and easily mark packages with a fragile warning message using our Fragile in RED text on a white background, you can ensure your products are not inadvertently damaged by handlers, Meaning that your item gets to its destination with the peace of mind that your item will be handled with care.

Most of our Tape range are low noise, and therefore are a great choice for busy operations where noise reduction is important. The clear red text on these tapes are hugely important when shipping goods that require handling in a certain way.


    • Material/Carrier - White polypropylene, low noise tape.

    • Adhesive - Acrylic (general purpose, not suitable for cold temperatures).

    • Text - FRAGILE

    • Size - 48mm (2 inch) width and 66 metres long.

This Tape goes perfect with our Tape Dispenser.