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Jangro Bio Odour Neutral


Jangro Carpet Odour Neutraliser

This biological carpet neutraliser penetrates deep into the carpet, using specialised bacteria strains and biodegradable cleaners it breaks down odours and replaces household bacteria, preventing the production of ammonia. Effective against Urine stains the neutraliser breaks down into water and carbon dioxide, leaving a pleasant lemon smell behind.

The case of six bottles comes with two trigger heads so that you can use it on a fresh bottle, reducing wastage and encouraging more recycling.

Features and Benefits

  1. Lemon perfume for instant re-odourisation before the bacteria starts working.
  2. Replaces household bacteria that produce ammonia as a waste product.
  3. Biodegrades Urine into Carbon Dioxide and Water.

How to use Jangro Biological Carpet Odour Neutraliser
  1. Spray directly onto the area affected.
  2. The product does not foam.
  3. Ensure the treated area is wet through not saturated.
  4. For heavier soiling, leave for a few seconds longer to work.
  5. Leave to dry out.

N.B. Do not use in conjunction with antibacterial products.

  1. 1x 750ml bottles with trigger heads
  2. Odour: Lemon
  3. pH: 8
  4. Dilution: Ready to use