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Recycled Kraft Paper - Packing Paper - Void Fill

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    • Recycled Kraft paper provided on the roll

    • High quality wrapping and packaging material

    • Made from 100% virgin paper from sustainable forestry sources

    • Offers excellent strength, durability and tear resistance - ideal for wrapping items to post

    • Material is highly presentable, allowing you to create beautiful looking parcels

    • Heavy duty 88gsm paper

Choose a size from;

600mm x 10m

600mm x 250 meters
750mm x 250 meters
900mm x 250 meters

Kraft paper

Recycled brown Kraft paper rolls offer a superior strength, durability and tear resistance than other brown paper rolls our there on the market, The Kraft paper we stock is appropriate for heavy duty use, these Kraft rolls enable you to wrap and pack goods of all sizes ready for dispatch to your customers giving you peace of mind that your item gets to the customer or presents that your give to your family and friends.

Popular with crafters and independent retailers, premium rolls help you to create elegant looking parcels; this high quality brown ?is the perfect rustic wrapping paper to create your own individual gifts. Why not use premium rolls to wrap your birthday and Christmas presents, and personalise each gift with the aid of raffia, cardboard tags, stencils or ribbons?

This high quality brown kraft paper offers great presentation and high tear resistance. It is ideal for wrapping items that need to be sent by post (Post Office approved).