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CLEARANCE Couloured Poly Mailer Postal Bag

Color: White
  • Unlike the other flimsy bags, they are of good thickness for shipping soft-goods and they are light enough to save you some money on weight for shipping. If you have many orders need to post everyday, these plastic mailing bags perfect for you!
  • Perfect for Posting Soft Items These mailing bags are quite useful for soft items, such like T-shirts, blankets, scarves, or other non breakable items. The Plastic Mailing is thin, durable, and quite flexible. It's easy to add in a bit of padding, like newspaper or bubble wrap for extra protection.
  • Strong Self-sealing Adhesive The poly mailer are self-sealing for easy packing with a tamper-evident, super secure closure. Pressure sensitive adhesive provides a high strength, durable closure that is water and dirt resistant.
  • Durable Protection Top-quality poly mailers are tear and puncture resistant. Even though poly mailers don't offer interior cushioning, they are made to withstand the rigors of the shipping process. A poly mailer is usually made of polyethylene but our mailing bags are also made of heavy-duty nylon fibers.