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Shrink Wrap with Extended Handle

Pack Size


    • Extended cardboard cores for easy application by hand

    • High performance films with savings of up to 50%

    • Cast - High clarity and tensile strength

    • Blown - High puncture resistance and high tack, also suitable for cold environments

    • 17mu Shrink Wrap available in Clear & Black & Blue

  • with an approx size of 200 meters


Shrink wrap also know as Pallet wrap with an extended core, making it easier and quicker to wrap around goods by hand. The core extends by 65mm each end of the roll.

Great for keeping goods tightly bound and palletised items stable, the film will retain its tension whilst in transit.
We sell 2 types, clear shrink/pallet wrap and black shrink/pallet wrap.


Mini Shrink Wraps Now available with dispensing