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Wardrobe Box with Hanger Bar - Moving House Box for Clothes

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Wardrobe Box with Hanging Bar can help you move or store hanging clothes. It features hand access holes for easy carrying.

    • 20 in. x 19 in. x 1.2 m. Wardrobe box

    • Includes hanging bar

The cardboard wardrobes come with a hanging pole and sealable door to ensure your clothes can be stored and transported without being creased or crushed. Also great for storage, the cardboard wardrobes can be used to store your winter/summer clothes when not in season, giving you extra wardrobe space.

Made from double walled corrugate, the cardboard wardrobe removal boxes are strong and durable to ensure that your clothes are well protected once packed up and in transit.

What’s more, all our extra tall cardboard wardrobe boxes have space at the bottom for shoes and accessories.


Wardrobe boxes are an excellent investment when moving home, transporting items for seasonal storage or removing items as part of your job in fashion. At 3 ways Boxshop , we understand that, no matter how compact or expansive your clothing collection is, packing wardrobe items needs to be completed with care. Using wardrobe boxes or clothes boxes is a great idea, and will ensure the safe and easy transit of clothes without creating a huge ironing job for you at the other end.

Why use a wardrobe box?

Unlike moving boxes, wardrobe boxes feature a robust hanging rail enabling clothes to be stored upright. Team this with the wardrobe box's double walled cardboard shell, and you have all you need to transport your clothes conveniently from A to B. If used correctly, wardrobe boxes allow you to pack clothing straight from your wardrobe and unpack items at your new destination. Warning signs and pre-cut carry handles also make life easier for customers looking to move clothes.